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Millions Are Slowly Choking on Their Own Air…

5,600,000 children have it. Plus, 12,500,000 adults. And about 200 children a year die from it.

Asthma ranks among the most common chronic conditions in the United States and its prevalence has been increasing since the early 1980s.  It can make life miserable for many, especially during the Fall season. 


A significant factor in asthma is the quality of the air one is trying desperately to breathe. Now, I’m not telling you that poor indoor air quality causes asthma, but it can be a triggering factor in an asthma attack. Given the numbers above, I’d say that’s pretty significant.


But you don’t need to have asthma to be affected by rotten indoor air quality. The air in your lungs is the very same air as what’s in your home, right? Then it should be staggering to know that your home’s air can be 12 times more polluted than outdoor air. That’s up to 12 times more asthma triggers, sinus irritants, headaches or sneezing sources, all from just plain, everyday unhealthy air. 


I don’t know anyone who, knowing what I’ve just told you, wouldn’t want to make it better. And it can be, easily. Especially if you’ll take me up on this simple, no strings attached offer…


First, put away your wallet. I merely want to test 100 “sample” homes for airborne contamination: dust mites, pollen, molds, bacteria, or anything that could put you or a loved one at severe respiratory risk. This Healthy Air Review is well worth $250.00 but it even includes a Carbon Monoxide test which can reveal this odorless, colorless killer. That adds another worthwhile $100.00 of value…


But I’m giving this whole house, $350.00 Healthy Air Review away free to the next 100 homes to see how widespread the problem is in our area. It takes about 50 minutes. There is no obligation at all. If we find contamination, we’ll let you know. Then you can decide what to do about it and get a $50.00 discount on our suggested remedy. Or you can do nothing. It’s up to you.


So responding to this is worth $350.000 just for the test, or $400.00 if you get us to fix whatever we find. Hey, even if we don’t find an air quality problem, wouldn’t you breathe a little easier just knowing?


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