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Choose a new level of cool.

  Stay cool and save a comfortable amount of money with A C & Heat Solutions line of air conditioners. Our air conditioners range in efficiency from 13 to
21+ SEER — among the highest efficiency ratings in the industry.

Our family offers a wide range of comfort choices,
plus exclusive state-of-the-art technology that quietly,
meticulously and efficiently conditions your air. Get ready for a
level of comfort you and your family may never have experienced


Allegiance®20 Communicating

Best level of quiet, efficient comfort and AccuLink™ connectivity.

Allegiance® 20

Our top-of-the-line choice for efficiency and cool, quiet comfort.

Allegiance® 16

Generous two-step cooling and incredible energy efficiency.


Allegiance® 15

Our most economical single-stage air conditioner.

Allegiance® 14

Impressive comfort and energy savings.


Allegiance® 13

Reliable American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning cooling at its most affordable.