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               Tips for Lowering Your Monthly Energy Bill 
              Being an energy-smart consumer means getting the most from the energy you use. 

      Shade your room air conditioner from direct sun. This will reduce its workload. Clean the 
      filters monthly and replace as necessary to save energy and reduce dust and pollen in the
      air. Lower the setting when you go out to reduce operating costs. 

      Vacuum air vents regularly to remove dust that reduces airflow. Move furniture, carpet or
      curtains that restrict their operation.
      Schedule annual tune-ups for your air conditioner, heat pump, and furnace.

      Hire a professional to seal and insulate leaky ducts, and to ensure that the airflow
      distribution system serving your cooling and heating equipment is operating at peak

       Check your attic, attic stairway, and attached garage walls to ensure that you have proper
       insulation between conditioned and unconditioned spaces.
       Open your foundation vents each spring if your home has a crawl space under it.
       Close the vents in the winter.

        Prune back shrubs that may block airflow to your air conditioner or heat pump.
        Consider installing ceiling fans. The air circulation promotes cooling in the summer  
        heating efficiency in the winter.